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Emily Kostich [brick]

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sws [03 Nov 2011|06:57pm]
People're getting hurt 'cause of me.
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[02 Jul 2011|02:43pm]
Is there something you're not spilling..?
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[19 Jun 2011|02:00am]
It's tricky, y'know? Can't really explain.
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[12 Jun 2011|06:03pm]
Tell me a secret about yourself.
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[09 Jun 2011|05:26pm]
Two-sided tale? More like six.
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[28 Apr 2011|03:20am]
[She's just gonna... hang over here.]

meme link
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[20 Apr 2011|10:48pm]
my thread
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[06 Apr 2011|11:30pm]
I know something you don't know!
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[04 Apr 2011|11:32pm]
the ►dating/sexing/married since FOREVER◄ meme
my link.
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[30 Mar 2011|10:26pm]
[coming down from a bad trip]
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[29 Mar 2011|07:29pm]
The Fluffy Meme
My Link.
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[25 Feb 2011|06:02pm]
-- it was my mess to clean!
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[06 Jan 2011|12:15am]

my thread
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amat activity;; [24 Sep 2010|03:49am]
++ Intro.
++ Meeting Chris.

++ New roomie? Ohboy.
++ Meeting Saito.
++ Hired!
++ Kitten!
++ Em fusses over Chris.
++ LOG: Em and Bren talk
++ LOG: Em meets Neil at the masq~
++ LOG: Em and Bren at the masq
++ Em and Chris talk food and ..opera?
++ Em meets Arthur!

++ Post-Masq Post
++ Jack's gone :(
++ Em's curious!
++ Hiiigh as a kite.

++ Bren's a sweetheart!
++ L0G: Brendan and Laura ahhhh
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pub;ic bio;; amat application;; [22 Aug 2010|10:08pm]
public information.Collapse )
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[21 Aug 2010|12:42pm]
The How's My Driving? Meme
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sws [09 Aug 2010|10:06pm]
Sick of people worrying about me.
There's nothing wrong with wanting popularity.
Can't keep asking myself "what if".
Kinda happy that summer's almost over.
Can't remember ever feeling like this.
Things will be different this year.
Multiple Brendans = a crazy trip. Obviously.
Already planning out my Halloween costume.
'Course I have plans this weekend.
You wanna be my study-buddy?
Cutting ties shouldn't hurt this much.
Shouldn't make promises you can't keep.
[bright smiles!] I'm glad you showed.
It's complicated, tricky. Can't just spill.
Wanna hear the tale, or not?
Feeling cooped up. Let's do something!
Well, the thing about that is--
Don't wanna see anybody get hurt.
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